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We recommend each owner schedule a call with our CEO to discuss whether your property is a fit for Peak Season.  The process is simple.  First, you’ll have an introductory call to discuss our service levels and so we can learn about you and your property.  If it’s a fit, we will arrange an Onboarding to get your property photographed and ready to rent.  We will integrate your property into our management system, and your property will be visible across over 50 travel platforms including AirBNB, VRBO, TripAdvisor, and many others.

  1. Intro Call to Determine Fit

  2. Choose your Service Level

  3. Onboarding Process

  4. Monthly Performance Updates

Get Started

How We're Different

Peak Season treats its owners as family.  We treat each property as if it were our own, and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service at all points of the process.  We are not your average management company.  We bring a personal touch to the business, and ensure your property is priced correctly across all travel platforms to maximize your earnings.  Our dedicated pricing analysts know exactly how to get your calendar full of incredible bookings!


Noah and the Peak Season team have been incredible! Their service is top-notch and we have achieved almost perfect reviews every time! Our place is always booked!


Riley Jones

The service has been exceptional from the very beginning.  We have direct access to Noah and are regularly updated about our property’s performance.  We feel our place is in safe hands with Peak Season!


Parker Stuart

Noah went above and beyond to get my place ready to rent.  He really pays attention to the details to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Taylor Jones


Why Peak Season?

Peak Season prides itself on unmatched customer service, rigorous operational processes, and laser focus on maximizing your earnings. We have the most flexible pricing options in the market, and have a proprietary approach to maximizing your vacation rental’s revenue.


How much do our services cost?

Our commission is a percentage of gross bookings, and depends on a number of factors including service level, the property's expected and historical revenue, operational complexity, and location. We offer flexible pricing plans, and work with our clients to ensure there is mutual value.


What makes you better than your competition?

We believe our thorough Peak Method is second to none in the industry to maximize your earnings. We truly care about your property and how much money we are able to generate for you. We pay our employees in a way that directly aligns their incentive with your success, and our low-cost operating model allows us to provide excellent service at a wonderful value.


How much will I earn per night?

Your earnings fluctuate based on season, amenities, location, and a number of other factors. We are laser-focused on earning top dollar for your listing while minimizing empty nights.


Can I decide which guests stay at my home?

Having worked in this space for many years, we know that guests take great care of your home. However, we screen each guest individually by looking at the guests' past reviews. We can provide additional screening such as requiring that the host has a Verified government ID, Positive Reviews from other hosts, and a verified phone number.


How do you handle repairs?

We have a full-time handyman who handles all repairs immediately to ensure your property is kept in top shape. Any costs of repairs will be billed to the host unless they were caused by the guest, in which case we will claim for the guest to cover the cost.


Do I get to see how my property is performing?

Of course. We give all of our host View Only access to their property's performance. We update our hosts with how well their property is doing and why to manage your expectations properly.


Do I need to have an AirBNB listing?

Not at all! If you have a profile already, great! Sometimes we like to start a new profile to make sure you are starting fresh, and we can create your listing for you.


What happens if something gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

We recommend our hosts to not leave valuables or personal items in their listing. We require a security deposit which can be claimed on in the event of damage or theft.


How do check-outs work?

When the guest checks out, a cleaner will arrive to do the cleaning and replace linens, towels and such


How do check-ins work?

Our Check-ins are seamless! We give the guests all the information needed for a self-check in and arrange key pickup. We stay in touch with your guest upon arrival no matter what their arrival time to make sure they get in safely. If required, we can meet your guests in person for a final screen.


When will I get paid?

You will see a direct deposit into your bank account within 3-5 business days of your guests' checkout.


Noah Mencia

Our Founder, Noah Mencia, is a graduate of Cornell University and earned an MBA from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.  He worked on Wall Street for 7 years before starting Peak Season.  He found the Vacation Rental Real Estate world is the perfect blend of his interests: travel and nature, finance and investments, and hospitality.  He has a passion for helping people reach their investment goals, and providing his guests with a 5-star experience each and every time.


Peak Season was founded with a dual purpose.  First, to provide owners of second homes and vacation rental properties with excellent property management service.  We provide high-touch vacation rental management to ensure you earn top dollar and delight your guests.   Noah saw a great need for honest, transparent vacation rental management that lets owners breathe easy that their properties are being well taken care of.  He treats his clients properties as he would his own, and provides a high-touch management service that the larger companies just can't match.   Peak Season prides itself on honest, transparent, and consistent service.  


Second, is to develop glamping sites in areas of extraordinary beauty.  Luxury camping--or Glamping-- is growing at 13% per year and will be a $5b business by 2025.  Peak Season buys land--as well as partners with landowners-- to create extraordinary 5-star accomodations in places of unique natural beauty.  


Schedule a call with Noah to see if your property is a good fit for the Peak Season family.

Our Founder


Vacation Rental Management

Peak Season provides the full range of vacation rental management services so you can sit back, relax, and collect your income.  From pricing and calendar management to scheduling vendors such as cleaning services, pest control and handyman services, we do it all.   We market your home across 50+ booking platforms such as AirBNB, Homeaway/VRBO,, TripAdvisor, and many more to ensure maximum bookings and income for you.  Schedule a call to inquire about our service levels and to learn about our onboarding process.

Glamping Development

Peak Season is also a Glamping Development Company.  If you have the perfect property for Glamping, but don't know how to turn it into a reality, Peak Season is here to help.   We can take a piece of raw land and add the necessary improvements and infrastructure to operate the property as a Glamping site to provide luxury camping experiences in Nature.  We have experience working with contractors to build roads, installing septic systems, wells, electricity, and build luxury campsites.  We know what things cost, and know exactly how to design the site to maximize its potential.  We have the perfect blend of creative vision, project management, and hospitality operations to take your site from idea to execution and start creating cash flow within 6 months.  


Glamping Management

  If you have a Glamping site already up and running, but prefer to hand off the messy operations to an expert, then Peak Season is here to help.  With deep experience in hospitality management, Peak Season has perfected the offering of concierge, white glove level service to guests at your Glamping site.  Why deal with the stress of constant questions and requests when Peak Season can take all of that off your plate?  Just sit back and let us apply our proprietary management system to your Glamping site so you can relax and collect your cash.


Weddings and Corporate Events

Plan your wedding or corporate event at one of our extraordinary cabins or glamping sites.  We can work with you to create an unforgettable experience for your special day or corporate event.  We also provide micro-weddings for small, socially distanced gatherings.  Schedule a call with our CEO to discuss options for your event.


Investment Consulting

Noah provides investment consulting to help you strategically think through your vacation rental investment.  He has analyzed thousands of properties, and has the experience to make sure you get it right the first time.



These Three Pillars are what set us apart from our competition.

The Peak Method

A Kaizen-inspired process of continuous improvement, emphasizing critical thinking, judgement-based decision making, negotiation, and a laser focus on Return on Investment.

The Peak Method distills vacation rental management into its most basic elements, and trains our Guest Relations Specialists (GRS) to think like business owners by incorporating critical thinking,negotiation, guest-screening, and judgment while maintaining a pleasant, accommodating approach to ensure guest satisfaction. Unlike our competition, we believe people respond to incentives, so our GRS are paid based on how much they earn for you, so all interests are aligned. For example, if a guest requests a last-minute booking for a huge reservation, but asks for a small accommodation which we do not typically provide, we may go above and beyond and grant their wish in order to secure the booking.  It’s this type of flexible thinking that makes all the difference in delivering superior results.  Most companies don’t train their staff to make judgement calls to adjust the policy in order to close the deal. Peak Season, however, trains its staff to think like business owners and use critical thinking to convert these leads.

Value-driven Pricing

It's very simple. The more you make, the more we make, and the more we can pay our staff. If you make more than you made previously, our staff gets a bonus. So there's perfect alignment between our hosts' success, our staff's compensation, and Peak Season’s take-home fee.

As a truly meritocratic organization, we believe hard work should get rewarded. If we are able to drive more value from your property, both our hosts and Peak Season should partake in the upside. Since each situation is unique, we are nimble in our ability to design a pricing package which works for each client. We offer pricing packages that are either  a flat % of revenue, or include a profit-share after we meet a certain benchmark. We can explain more in the intro call!  Schedule a call now to discuss with our CEO!

Highly Personalized Service

There are an infinite number of potential guest requests and situations. Using judgement, we field requests and situations on a case-by-case basis to provide true personalization.

Unlike other Vacation Rental Management companies, we strive to provide that personal touch for both hosts and our guests. On the guest side, we make our guests feel like they have known us for years - we have many repeat guests who love us because we’re professional, but fun! On the host side, we apply a consulting approach to analysis to show our hosts exactly how they are performing and why. We are flexible to personalize the guests' experience according to their preferences, and are always open to test new strategies!

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